Welcome to the TieFaces WebSheet Showcase!

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Tiefaces webSheet is a JSF component which can render a excel template as a web form while keeping the same formats and styles. It is not intend to become online document tools like Google Docs, instead it want to become a gateway or transformer of Excel sheets to Web forms.


Render excel templates as web forms

  • Support multiple sheets
  • Keep Excel formats and styles
  • Keep Excel formulas
  • Support charts and images
web sheet feature 1

Dynamic Web Form Solution

  • Use expression language to define data.
  • Use special command in the cell comment to define features.
  • Two way binding between data and cell object.
  • Support multiple input/output widget. i.e. calendar, dropdown, inputNumber, inputArea etc.
  • Support nested data collections. i.e. a company include multiple departments while each department include multiple employees.
  • Support add/delete functions for data collections.
web sheet feature 2

Source Code in GitHub

Tiefaces licensed under MIT license (totally free to use). Source code is available from the public repositories at Github.

Any feedback is appreciated (Jason.Jiang.ca@gmail.com).