Each Command

Each-Command is used to iterate through collections data.

How to define?

Use the special syntax below defined in the comment for the staring cell of the command.

tie:each(items="departments", var="department", length="8" allowAdd="true")

1. Explain the command area: the command area's top and left are the cell's position. Right column position is automatic calculated based on the content. Bottom is top plus form length.
2. Each command in the comment must remain in the same line, don't use enter key to divide it.

Command Attributes

  • items : name of the context variable which contain the collection data.
  • var: name of the variable in the context to put each collection item.
  • length: command area's length which based on the number of covered rows.
  • allowAdd: default is false. If set to true, then allow add/delete item from the collection.