Form Command

Form-Command is to define the form's layout include header, footer etc.

Note: If there's no form-command defined, then the whole sheet will be treated as one form.

How to define?

Use the special syntax below defined in the comment for the staring cell of the form.

tie:form(name="departments" length="10" headerLength="2" footerLength="1")

1. If set headerLength to 0, then web sheet will still use excel letters as column header.
2. Explain the form's area: the form's top and left are the cell's position. Right column position is automatic calculated based on the content. Bottom is top plus form length.
3. Each command in the comment must remain in the same line, don't use enter key to divide it.

Command Attributes

  • name : form's name and will be displayed as a tab's title
  • length: form's length which based on rows (i.e if a form start at row 2 and end at row 9, then set length to 9).
  • headerLength: header's length which also based on rows.
  • footerLength: footer's length which also based on rows.
  • fixedWidthStyle: default is false (form will resize according to the container). If set to true, then form use fixed style.