What's new?

Version 1.0.7

Web Sheet

  • Fix bug: Bug on edit or upload Excel file.[issues15].

Version 1.0.6

Web Sheet

  • Fix bug: exported sheets lost normal comments.[issues16].

Version 1.0.5

Web Sheet

  • Fix bug: cannot load form with no predefined commands[issues14].
  • Fix bug: delete row doesn't work properly[issues13].

Version 1.0.4

Web Sheet

  • Prompt message box if user leave the page without saving data[issues8].
  • Fix bug: Picture height not rendered properly[issues9].
  • Hide tab if there's only one form[issues10].
  • Add attribute: fixedWidthStyle (default is false)[issues11].

Version 1.0.3

Web Sheet

  • Fix bug: Support both CDI and JSF bean(@Named bean issue)[issues7].

Version 1.0.2

Web Sheet

  • Fix bug: Add/Delete row button not shown if no form command[issues5].
  • Fix bug: Namespace not found error in NetBean IDE[issues6].

Version 1.0.1

Web Sheet

  • Implement validation command (see validation demo page)[issues3].
  • Fix bug: hide temporary sheet in the template[issues1].
  • Add skipConfiguration attribute in bean Object[issues2].

Version 1.0.0

Web Sheet

  • Tiefaces now only focus on web sheet development. Other components have been removed.
  • Uploaded the tiefaces artifact into Maven central repository.
  • Changed the way to define template.
  • Use JEXL to evaluate data.
  • Use special markup in the cell comment to support special features.
  • Support nested collection data.
  • Two way data binding between data object and web sheet cell.
  • Support multiple Primeface input widget for cell input method (i.e. calandar, dropdown, inputNumber, inputArea..).

Version 0.3.0

Web Sheet

  • Initial limited chart support. Now only support line chart. Will add more charts type later on.

Version 0.2.7

Web Sheet

  • Support percentage input. User can input either percentage number (e.g. 20%) or decimal number (e.g. 0.2) for the cell with percentage format. The result will be the same (e.g. 20%).

Version 0.2.5

Web Sheet

  • Support in-cell validation. Display error messages in cell for invalid input.

Version 0.2.4

Web Sheet

  • Add dynamic rows feature. User can input multiple rows although only one row is defined in the template.

Version 0.2.3

Web Sheet

  • Add view mode: readOnly = "true"

Version 0.2

Web Sheet

  • Bring Excel files on-line as Web Forms

Version 0.1

Locale Switcher

  • Switch web page locale (language)

Table Lookup

  • Use datatable columns header as criteria input fields to simply search UI.
  • Could integrate with Primefaces rich datatable functions: i.e. exporter

Dialog Lookup

  • Pop up a search window and return result to the parent page.